Kim Jacques has a strong interest in anatomy and has integrated that with her skill as a massage therapist to address both short term goals of pain relief and longer term goals of improving body dynamics.  She has communicated, with permission, with other members of the health care team to further collaboration, with the goal of improving outcomes.  She approaches challenging problems in a manner that is professional, yet puts one at ease.  

I have been seeing Kimberley for many years and she is the best! Her massage room is very soothing and extremely comfortable, and the massages are even better. She's the ultimate professional and is always expanding her knowledge, like adding kineseotaping to her list of services. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone!







Massage Therapy / Polarity Therapy / Holistic Health / Kinesiotape

Lewiston, Maine - (207) 783-0890 - kimjacqueslmt@gmail.com

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